Advancing Pressure Control Technology

NXL Technologies provides energy companies around the world with innovative coiled tubing and wireline pressure control systems that can be customized to your unique needs.

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Custom Pressure Control Equipment Solutions

Become more efficient with a partner who works with you to create customized solutions. NXL combines cutting-edge technology and your input to continually advance the equipment you use. Our custom solutions also include our extensive inventory of coil tubing and wireline pressure control equipment, quick global deliveries and rental services.

Innovate with NXL Technologies

NXL Technologies, the leading global wireline and coiled tubing pressure control equipment manufacturer, was formed by merging Lee Specialties and Nexus Energy Technologies. This combination enables an increased and well-balanced international presence, bringing service locations to markets and customers that need it. The new entity provides innovative equipment sales, rentals, services, and equipment repair to the worldwide energy sector.

Creating New Products and Innovating Existing Equipment

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Red Deer Polytechnic Celebrates Partnership with NXL Technologies

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Lee Specialties And Nexus Energy Technologies Merge To Create Leading Energy Equipment Manufacturer, NXL Technologies

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NXL is the FIRST and ONLY Approved API 20E & F Bolting Manufacturer in Canada!

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NXL has partnered with KATT GmbH

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