Jeremy Goetzinger

Vice President – USA

Steering our American operations is Jeremy Goetzinger, Vice President – USA. Tasked with implementing our USA Strategic Plan, he oversees the expansion of USA sales and market development. His leadership extends to our USA operations and sales team based in Williston, Houston, and Midland.

Mr. Goetzinger brings a wealth of industry experience to his role at NXL. He started his career with Pure Energy Services, progressing from a Wireline Operator to a Sales Representative. His exceptional performance led him to Nine Energy Service, where he held leadership roles, including Vice President of Wireline West. Since joining NXL in 2020, he has grown our US Business unit, expanding services into new regions and enriching our team.

With his educational background, including Strategic Sales Management from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Mr. Goetzinger is well-equipped to navigate the energy industry's complexities. His commitment to continuous learning and adaptation has been instrumental in responding to the ever-changing landscape of the oil and gas industry.

Mr. Goetzinger's leadership philosophy involves fostering a culture of trust and mentorship. He is dedicated to empowering team members, ensuring their voices are heard, and supporting their growth within the organization. His vision for NXL’s future is to continue our growth by creating an environment of support, leadership, and responsibility.