Karri Lundy

Director of Global Quality Assurance

Karri Lundy is the Director of Quality Assurance at NXL Technologies. With her certification as a QMS Lead Auditor and experience in multiple manufacturing facilities, including consulting services, she has established herself as a proven leader in her field.

 In her role at NXL, Ms. Lundy is responsible for managing the company's Quality Assurance strategies. She plays a crucial role in acquiring licenses and establishing an integrated management system, ensuring a streamlined workflow that upholds NXL's commitment to unrivaled quality.

 Ms. Lundy's strategic vision for NXL revolves around a fully integrated top-down business management system. This vision aims to achieve consistent delivery across all NXL operations, fostering accountability and providing a seamless experience for clients. Her dedication to continuous improvement drives operational efficiencies within the organization.

 To stay up-to-date with industry changes, Ms. Lundy actively participates in API committees and conferences. This involvement ensures that NXL remains aligned with the latest industry standards and requirements.