Stephen McCall

Vice President – Corporate Services

Stephen McCall is our Vice President of Corporate Services. Directing global equipment pricing strategies, contributing to sales revenue projections, and steering several pivotal departments, including Canadian and Inside Sales, IT, and Quality Business Management Systems, are all a part of his vital role in our operational success. His management of client relationships, including onboarding, strengthens NXL's corporate standing.

Mr. McCall's association with NXL stems from his time as a co-founder of Nexus Energy Technologies, which merged with Lee Specialties to form the dynamic entity we are today. His prior role as a draftsman at Lee Specialties and his Diploma in Computer Aided Design and Drafting from SIAST laid a solid foundation for his leadership at NXL. 

As an advocate for continuous professional growth, Mr. McCall maintains an active membership with ASET, a testament to his dedication to upholding industry standards and prioritizing public safety. This commitment is seen in his leadership at NXL, ensuring our compliance with industry norms and our dedication to exceeding them.

He champions a work culture that values safety, confidence, and exceptional customer service. As an advisor to the NXL Board of Directors, Mr. McCall continues to provide strategic counsel.