Steven Becker

Vice President – Finance

Steven Becker, our Vice President of Finance, is at the helm of NXL Technologies' financial operations. He manages the company's overall financial strategy, accounting operations, financial reporting, annual budgeting, and vital relationships with our banks and auditors.

Mr. Becker graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 2010 and later earned the esteemed Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2017. His extensive knowledge and training in finance provide a solid foundation for his role within NXL.

One of his achievements at NXL was leading the finance department through the significant transition of our legacy companies' financial tools and processes. The successful implementation of combined payroll, RRSP, 401K schemes, and the migration of several districts onto the unified M1 ERP system is a testament to his leadership and dedication.

Looking ahead, Mr. Becker envisions NXL continuing to build its reputation as the premier manufacturer of pressure control equipment. He is confident that we will strengthen our standing in the industry through continuous innovation and delivering top-tier solutions to our clients. Under Mr. Becker's financial leadership, we're well-positioned to achieve our goals.