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The Tale of Two Towers: How Regular Maintenance Can Impact Your Bottom Line

You could create significant savings by regularly maintaining your coiled tubing and wireline equipment. To demonstrate this, we are comparing two 15K Dual Combi Blowout Preventers, one which received regularly scheduled maintenance and the other did not.

August 29, 2023 | Read Article

Recertify Your Equipment to Industry Standards or Exceed Them

Adhering to API and industry standards plays a large role in our recertification processes. Find out how you can meet or even exceed industry standards when you recertify your equipment with a company like NXL that follows industry standardization.

July 18, 2023 | Read Article

From Planning to Production: Coiled Tubing, Wireline & Custom Equipment

NXL designs and manufactures coiled tubing, wireline and custom equipment to take your operation to the next level. Proper planning, efficient production processes, thorough testing, and timely delivery ensure successful outcomes when manufacturing your…

June 28, 2023 | Read Article

Improve Safety in Your Coiled Tubing and Wireline Operations

The safety of your team and equipment is important for your coiled tubing or wireline operation. NXL views your safety as a top priority as well. That is why we are sharing some safety precautions to follow when using coiled tubing & wireline equipment.

May 30, 2023 | Read Article

Pressure Control Equipment Optimization: What to Do During Spring Break-Up

The spring break-up season is significant for the drilling industry in the northern part of the globe. This period offers some much-needed relief to the staff and a chance to recover from the winter’s efforts. At the same time, Coiled Tubing and Wireline…

April 20, 2023 | Read Article