Revolutionizing Drilling Operations: The Benefits of NXL's Electric Product Line

In the oil and gas industry, drilling operations require specialized equipment to manage the pressure and flow of fluids. Traditionally, hydraulic and gas-driven equipment have been the norm in this industry. However, with technological advancements, electric oil & gas equipment has emerged as a viable alternative that provides numerous benefits for coiled tubing and wireline operations.

In this article, we are sharing why electric equipment is a smart investment for businesses in the drilling industry looking to improve safety, efficiency, and profitability.

As an industry leader in pressure control equipment, NXL Technologies is committed to providing innovative solutions that anticipate and exceed the needs of businesses operating in the drilling industry. Our electric product line is designed to improve safety, minimize environmental impacts, enhance efficiency, increase accuracy, reduce costs, and improve the quality of data collection. 


Advantages of Using Electric Equipment in Wireline and Coiled Tubing Drilling Operations


Improved Safety

Electric equipment is often safer for drilling operations than hydraulic and gas-driven equipment. Without hydraulic lines in your equipment, it eliminates the risk of leaks and the potential for severe injuries and damage. Your staff and the environment are safer with the use of electric equipment like pressure control equipment. By using equipment that increases safety standards, your operation can focus on productivity and efficiency.

Minimized Environmental Impact

Electric equipment not only provides safety benefits but they also offer significant advantages regarding environmental sustainability. Hydraulic fluid leaks are a serious concern for the environment, and the use of electric drilling equipment helps to mitigate this risk. Hydraulic fluid contamination can affect the soil, water, and air quality, leading to long-term environmental damage. 


Enhanced Efficiency

There are significant advantages in terms of efficiency compared to hydraulic and gas-driven equipment when using electric equipment. The transmission of electric signals is much faster than hydraulic equipment, which allows operators to make adjustments quickly and accurately. With enhanced control, drilling operations can be completed more efficiently, reducing drilling time and increasing productivity.


Increased Accuracy

You may be able to increase the accuracy of the data acquired with electric products compared to utilizing hydraulic and gas-driven equipment. The data collected provides operators with a more accurate understanding of drilling conditions, allowing them to make adjustments that can improve performance and increase efficiency.

Improved accuracy also means potential issues can be identified earlier, reducing the risk of equipment failure and costly repairs. With electric equipment, you can achieve greater control over your drilling operations.


Reduced Costs

Reduced costs are a significant benefit of using electric equipment in drilling operations. Hydraulic and gas-driven equipment can be costly to maintain and repair, negatively impacting your bottom line. One key advantage is that electric product lines require less maintenance than hydraulic and gas-driven equipment. This equipment is designed to improve efficiency, which can lead to cost savings over time. 

Electric equipment is also designed to be more energy-efficient, reducing the cost of powering drilling operations. With fewer moving parts, they are less likely to break down, reducing the chances of costly repairs and downtime. Overall, the reduced maintenance requirements and improved efficiency of electric drilling equipment can help businesses save money, increase productivity, and improve profitability.


Improved Quality of Data

The accurate and real-time data collection provided by electric equipment significantly benefits drilling operations. With the ability to collect large amounts of data, operators can make informed decisions to optimize production. This data can be used to make strategic production control decisions that can help to improve drilling efficiency. With enhanced data quality, operators can identify potential issues earlier, reducing the risk of equipment failure and improving overall production control.

NXL’s Electric Product Line

NXL Technologies has already developed several electric drilling equipment and pressure control equipment options for coiled tubing and wireline drilling operations. Our team also continues to innovate our products by developing further products to meet your evolving needs in the oil & gas industry. Our electric product options include our All-in-One Control Unit, E-Link Rotating Joint, Grease Injector Unit, Accumulator Systems and more.


Electric equipment is a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to hydraulic and gas-driven equipment for wireline and coiled tubing drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. With all the benefits electric equipment has to offer, it is clear that this technology will lead the future of drilling operations. 

NXL Technologies' electric product line is designed to meet the needs of businesses in the drilling industry, and we encourage you to consider this technology for your operation. To learn more about NXL's range of electric PCE and other equipment and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.

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March 23, 2023