Creating New Products and Innovating Existing Equipment

Innovation Drives Growth & Success In the Global Energy Sector

The global energy industry is constantly evolving along with advancing operational techniques. This dynamic and complex sector requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to successfully navigate daily operations. From understanding the risks and requirements posed by extreme weather conditions to managing equipment and personnel safely and efficiently, there are many unique challenges industry professionals are forced to confront. 

Oilfield operations across the globe rely on coiled tubing and wireline processes to provide essential functions in drilling, servicing and production while also delivering effective solutions to the industry's complex issues. Product innovation plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges and driving oilfield companies' growth and expansion. Technology advancements in wireline and coiled tubing pressure control equipment that drive efficiency and enhance safety ensure your operations keep up with increased production demands, resulting in reduced project costs.

NXL Technologies' success as a worldwide industry leader in customized coiled tubing products and wireline pressure control equipment is driven by constantly investing in developing new products and innovating existing equipment. Our innovation is due to a partnership with the real world experience and insights our customers, like you, provide. We integrate your insight to advance our new and existing equipment to meet your operation’s needs.

Our goal is always to anticipate and exceed our customers' needs while providing unique solutions that offer them a competitive advantage over other players in the industry.

That is why we are proud to announce that two of our innovative products have recently received US patents. This includes our newest generation of coil shearing systems, the Trident Shear Blades and our E-Link Rotating Joint.

We are equally excited to introduce our newest innovative wireline pressure control product,
the Vent Max Big Bore Vent Sub.

  • Size: 3-1/16"
  • Working Pressure: 5,000 - 15,000 psi
  • Top and Bottom Connections: Any Quick Union Connection

Our Vent Max Big Bore Vent Sub is a specialized piece of pressure control equipment designed to maximize the venting rate during wireline processes. Using a Vent Sub for your wireline projects has multiple advantages and cost benefits. It is quickly becoming an invaluable part of the modern oilfield toolkit.

  1. Increased Efficiency: Using a Vent Sub allows for increased venting rates, which can speed up the wireline process and improve overall efficiency.
  2. Improved Safety: By increasing the venting rate, a Vent Sub can help to reduce the risk of hazards associated with high pressure or trapped gasses.
  3. Reduced Downtime: Increasing the venting rate utilizing a Vent Sub can help prevent clogs and ensure that the wireline tools are working correctly, which decreases downtime.
  4. Enhanced Accuracy: A Vent Sub can help improve the accuracy of wireline measurements by reducing the amount of trapped gas or pressure in the wellbore.
  5. Better Reliability: The increased venting rate from a Vent Sub can help to maintain optimal well conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and fluid flow, resulting in better reliability than other traditional methods, especially in high-pressure applications.



Contact the NXL Team if you would like to know more about the Vent Max Big Bore Vent Sub or any of the cutting-edge wireline and coiled tubing products developed by NXL Technologies.


February 16, 2023