New Products & Design Innovations


In October 2019, our Red Deer, AB location hosted an open house for their customers. The goal of the event was to inform customers of product advancements, identify needs and directions for pressure control equipment product innovation, and continue to build a collaborative and supportive relationship with our customers. The presentation ended with product demonstrations in the Innovation Center. 


Innovation & Design

Our team shared product enhancement initiatives and product solutions on three new products: the NEW Inner Seal, NEW Trident Shear, and NEW Ram Location on Blow Out Preventers


Actions & Solutions

Through responding to continuous advancements in Coiled Tubing Mechanical Properties, we changed the dynamics to create more efficient products for real time solutions in the field. 


Inner Seal

The transition to new seals already has taken place with the TB-015 distributed on April 9, 2018. This new inner seal prolongs the life of the Ram assembly. This is most noticeable on the 15K gear where Rams can be seen closing forces over 500,000 lbf when well pressure is applied. 


Trident Shear

Initially, the new Trident Shear blade pierces the coil, reducing the cross sectional area and secondly cuts the remaining cross sectional area. This leads to a 35%-40% reduction in shear force. The new blades are interchangeable with existing Ram Blocks. 


Ram Location

Are Rams open, closed or somewhere in between? Due to a myriad of variables, trying to figure this out leads to uncertainty, delays, added costs, and safety hazards. To respond to this problem, we created an indicator system that provides real time data with an accuracy of +/- 0.01 (0.3mm). It can be displayed on any device or operating platform, and utilizes potential transducers embedded inside the Blowout Preventer. It offers real time data, a visual indicator of movement, meets all electrical safety rating requirements, has a configurable layout, and is compatible with any device.

October 1, 2019