Pressure Control Equipment Optimization: What to Do During Spring Break-Up

The spring break-up season is significant for the drilling industry in the northern part of the globe. This period offers some much-needed relief to the staff and a chance to recover from the winter’s efforts. At the same time, Coiled Tubing and Wireline service companies have an opportunity to repair and enhance their Pressure Control Equipment.

As PCE plays a crucial role in drilling operations’ safety, and success, it is essential that they perform optimally. NXL Technologies provides recertification and repair services for both NXL-made equipment and other equipment to accomplish this. Our highly qualified technicians, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, provide dependable solutions at all stages of recertification and repair.

NXL can help you save time and money, reduce waste, renew older equipment, make it more competitive, maximize equipment lifecycles, and ensure optimal function. 

Pressure Control Equipment Evaluation

Drilling operations rely heavily on pressure control equipment. PCE ensure worker safety and the success of coiled tubing and wireline operations. As a result, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing this equipment is critical. Failure to do so can result in significant delays and, in extreme cases, accidents.

Activities to Optimize Pressure Control Equipment During Spring Break-Up



PCE inspections are important because they help find problems before your equipment upsets your operations or poses a safety risk. Spring break-up is an ideal time to inspect PCE. As part of the inspection process, the equipment should be carefully inspected and tested to ensure it is in optimum condition. Visual inspections, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, and hydrostatic testing are all ways to make sure PCE works as well as possible.

NXL Innovation Lab offers a range of additional testing services to ensure that your equipment is optimized and running safely. Your equipment may require testing, including: 

  • Pressure & Cycle Testing
  • Ram & Seal Fatigue Testing
  • Coil Shear Testing
  • Slip pull / push Testing
  • Rotating Joint Testing
  • Destructive & Non-Destructive Validation Testing of new designs and concepts
  • Drop testing for DNV skid certifications
  • Temperature Testing


Recertification is a critical service that confirms that your pressure control equipment meets the original design specifications and ensures the safety and reliability of the equipment. Spring break-up is an ideal time to send PCE in for recertification, particularly for coiled tubing and wireline operations. NXL provides a comprehensive range of recertification services for PCE we have manufactured and from various industry manufacturers.

NXL’s recertification services help you achieve the following:

Cost-effectiveness and Efficiency

You will save money and time by renewing your existing equipment rather than purchasing new ones. By making your equipment last longer, you will also reduce waste and environmental harm.

Better Quality and Performance

You will ensure your equipment works properly and meets industry standards. Additionally, you will avoid potential failures and malfunctions that could jeopardize your operations and profits.

Liability and Safety

You will protect your employees and the environment from accidents and hazards caused by faulty equipment. You will also reduce your legal risk and improve your company's reputation.


Repairs and maintenance

Regular maintenance and repairs are also necessary to ensure your PCE function properly. Cleaning, lubrication, and routine equipment monitoring are all part of maintenance. 

Repairs, however, require correcting any problems or damages discovered during inspections. The maintenance and repair process extends the equipment's life and reduces the risk of excessive downtime.



New technologies and tools are constantly being developed, and companies must keep up with the latest drilling trends. Upgrades keep equipment optimized and efficient. Consider which PCE needs to be replaced and what upgrades would be appropriate to improve operations during spring break-up. NXL has many upgrade options for coiled tubing and wireline pressure control equipment that make operations safer and more efficient.

This also includes implementing machining and paint services to ensure that your equipment is upgraded to meet your specifications. NXL offers an extensive range of machining and manufacturing services that will work seamlessly to keep your project on track and moving forward. Utilize services such as:

  • Custom Machining
  • Custom Painting 
  • Sand Blasting
  • Metal Coating

Best Practices for Pressure Control Equipment Optimization During Spring Break-Up


Proper Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling inspections and repairs during spring break-up is ideal. This reduces disruption and downtime while ensuring that maintenance and repairs are completed correctly.


Importance of Documentation

Proper documentation ensures that PCE are adequately maintained and inspected. Documenting maintenance and inspection aids in the tracking of equipment history, the early detection of failures, and the reduction of equipment downtime.


Collaboration Between the Operations and Maintenance Teams

Your operations and maintenance teams must work closely together to find potential PCE problems and plan for any maintenance. Collaboration ensures effective maintenance practices are implemented to reduce equipment downtime while maintaining safe working conditions.

Spring break-up provides the perfect opportunity for companies to optimize your PCE through proper inspection, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades – all ensuring safety compliance. When maintaining and inspecting your PCE, planning, scheduling, working together, and using cutting-edge technology are important. With our repair and recertification services, NXL Technologies is an important part of these operations, whether the PCE is made in-house or by another company in the same industry.

NXL’s equipment repair and recertification services will enable you to avoid costly downtime and equipment replacement. Moreover, our services extend the lifespan, improve performance, and ensure you comply with industry standards and regulations.

Contact us today to schedule your maintenance and equipment recertification in time for the spring break-up. 

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April 20, 2023