BOP 4:1 De-Booster

The NXL BOP 4:1 De-Booster is an innovative stepped piston device that reduces high wellbore pressures at well monitoring ports by 75%. The design allows you to read pressures on a remote pressure gauge or recorder. The pressure that is reduced by the 4:1 ratio is transmitted by hydraulic fluid to the gauge. De-Boosters are used to use lower pressure gauges to monitor wellbore pressure and provide a protective barrier from potentially dangerous wellbore fluids from the control lines. 



  • A special mounting bracket is supplied for mounting directly to the BOP body 
  • Control line to connect into the pressure monitoring port is sold separately
  • New NXL Blowout Preventers come standard with De-Booster porting and mounting holes
  • Modifications can be made to older style BOPs to add the porting and mounting holes