Flanged Adapters / Swedges

We are continually advancing our equipment to make implementation safer and more efficient. With our Flanged Adapters, your team can easily join flange valves, pumps, fittings, and pipes. NXL provides pressure control Flanged Adapters or Swedges in various sizes and pressure ranges. As well, our Adapters or Swedges can be configured to your equipment needs.




  • CRA Inlay
  • High Temperature Seals (select models)
  • API 6A Monogram (select models)


  • Thread Protectors (select models)
  • Lifting Caps
  • Test Unions or Flanges

Flanged Adapters / Swedges FAQs

Do NXL’s Flanged Adapters come in different sizes?

NXL can manufacture Flanged Adapters in multiple sizes and pressure ranges to fit your various coiled tubing equipment. If you have specific requirements for your Flanged Adapters, contact NXL, and our team can create a custom solution for you.

What do Flanged Adapters or Swedges do?

Flanged Adapters or Swedges are designed to connect the wellhead to the pressure control equipment in your coiled tubing operation.

Do NXL's Flanged Adapters come with thread protectors?

Yes, thread protectors are available to accompany our Flanged Adapters, but only for select models. Contact NXL’s sales team to find which Flanged Adapter models are available with thread protectors.