Quick Test Subs

The NXL Technologies Quick Test Subs are designed to make pressure control equipment safer and more efficient. The Quick Test Sub is installed between either flanged or threaded Lubricators used during tool placement and coiled tubing retrieval. As well, the Quick Test Subs’ lightweight, hand-operated hydraulic pumps can be used to test O-Rings from outside the strings.

By eliminating the need to isolate and test entire strings each time a union is separated, these compact units simplify coiled tubing operations, saving time and fluid. 

NXL provides a variety of coiled tubing pressure control Quick Test Subs with multiple connection options.


  • Manufactured from one piece of material - offering security, serviceability, and rigidity
  • Safe & efficient connection with no danger of pinch points, unlike conventional bolt/torque methods
  • No third-party torque services required
  • No restrictions on inside diameter, full bore functionality 
  • Easy to replace O-Rings
  • Can be used for standard and H2S sour service environments
  • Working pressures up to 15,000 psi
  • Can be manufactured to any size, length or connection type


  • Choice of hydraulic hand pumps/hoses rated up to 15,000 psi
  • Optional needle valves and pressure gauges with metal to metal seals