Rotating Joints

As a globally recognized coiled tubing manufacturer, NXL Technologies continues to develop unique solutions to the problems experienced in the field by oil & gas companies. With our innovative Rotating Joint designs, we have developed an equipment line that allows for easier connections and transfer of power and pressure. Our coiled tubing equipment is also designed with safety in mind. NXL offers Rotating Joints, H-Link Rotating Joints, E-Coil Surface Packoffs and the world’s first Pressure Control E-Link Rotating Joint.

You can explore NXL Technologies’ Rotating Joint equipment options.

E-Coil Surface Packoffs

Damage to your equipment can lead to paying for expensive replacement parts. It can also lead to leaks or explosions. To reduce the risk of equipment damage, NXL Technologies has designed and manufactured our E-Coil Surface Packoffs.

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E-Link Rotating Joint

We have designed and manufactured the World’s first Pressure Control E-Link Rotating Joint with built-in slip ring for downhole telemetry.

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H-Link Rotating Joint

We have designed and manufactured a Pressure Control Hydraulic Rotating Joint. This enables hydraulic actuation of a remote control valve inside the reel through the Rotating Joint where no check valve in the BHA is possible.

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Rotating Joint

NXL offers a variety of Pressure Control Rotating Joints, which are available in a range of internal diameters, and working pressures up to 15,000 psi. The packing stack design provides an improved seal over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. As well, our design also includes a spherical roller to provide a longer bearing life, low friction seals and multiple weep ports.

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