Side-Door Stripper Packers

Our Side-Door Stripper Packers are designed to pack off around dynamic (moving) coiled tubing and to provide a seal around the tubing in an emergency. NXL Technologies offers a variety of pressure control Stripper Packers which are available with internal diameters from 2-9/16” to 5” and working pressures up to 15,000 psi.

The Stripper Packer comes in multiple models:​​​​​​​

  • Conventional 
  • Tandem 
  • Two-Door
  • Over/Under 



  • Corrosion Resistant Windows & Pistons
  • Wellbore Assist
  • Chemical Injection Port
  • High Temperature Seals 


Stripper Packer FAQs

What do Stripper Packers do?

Stripper Packers, including the ones from NXL Technologies, are designed to pack off around dynamic or moving coiled tubing and to provide a seal around the tubing in an emergency.

What upgrades are available with the NXL Stripper Packers?

We understand that every oil & gas operation has unique needs regarding their coiled tubing equipment. To meet those needs, we have developed innovative upgrades to accompany our Stripper Packers. The upgrades for NXL’s Stripper Packers include Corrosion Resistant Windows & Pistons, Wellbore Assists, Chemical Injection Ports and High-Temperature Seals.

If you have any questions regarding our Stripper Packer upgrades, contact NXL.

Contact NXL

What equipment does NXL manufacture to support the Side-Door Stripper Packers?

NXL manufactures and distributes a range of equipment for our customers to support our Side Door Stripper Packers for your coiled tubing operation. The equipment we have available to support our Stripper Packers include Pressure Test Transport Stands, Pressure Test Stands, Non-Extrusion Rings and Transport & Working Stands.