10K / 15K Dual Air Grease Injectors

The 10K/15K Dual Air Grease Injector is an air-driven, hydraulically operated system containing Lincoln pumps/motors, live hydraulic swivels, high-pressure reel swivels, and a high-pressure manifold. In addition, the Grease Injector includes an accumulator system with five 15 US gal nitrogen-charged bladder accumulator bottles. Two air-operated remotes can function for all actuators, monitor system hydraulic pressure, and have an emergency shutdown to close off the inlet air supply to the unit. The frame is certified to DNV 2.7-1 specifications, and the accumulator system is API 16D compliant.



  • 5 x 15 US gal Accumulator Bottles
  • Able to function all actuators of a 10K 7-3/8" quad BOP through close-open-close cycles with only stored accumulator fluid
  • Split 75 US gal wireline grease tank w/ 2 x Lincoln grease pumps and 8" air motors
  • 90 US gal hydraulic tank w/ 2 x GX35 air-driven hydraulic pumps
  • Air operated w/ 5 US gal fluid tank Chemical Injection System
  • 2 x air-operated remotes w/ emergency shutdown, ability to function actuators, and monitor system hydraulic pressure
  • Max. Air Pressure of 120 psi
  • 2 x 1" Air Inlets


  • 175 ft. Grease Lines (2 supply & 1 return)
  • 4 x 175 ft. 5K Tool Lines
  • 4 Pair x 125 ft. 5K BOP Lines
  • 175 ft. 15K Chem Injection Line
  • 2 x 75’ Air Umbilicals (w/ remote panels)


  • Length - 103.5"
  • Width - 76"
  • Height - 101"