10K / 15K / 20K Hydraulic Pressure Testers

You can utilize the NXL Hydraulic Pressure Tester for safe and efficient hydrostatic pressure testing of wellhead equipment in your shop or the field. It includes a hydraulically powered reciprocating high-pressure pump, a 1K high-volume fill pump, a centrifugal type charge pump, and a 5K hydraulic hand pump for miscellaneous equipment to function.

The NXL Hydraulic Pressure Tester is available in either 10K, 15K, or 20K configurations.



  • Maximum working pressure of 12,500 psi to 22,500 psi
  • Three-cylinder, 35 hp, water-cooled, diesel engine w/ block heater and air shutoff valve
  • NXL hydraulically powered, reciprocating high-pressure pump
  • NXL 1K high-volume fill pump
  • Centrifugal type charge pump
  • 5K hydraulic hand pump
  • 126 US gal (477 L) fluid tank capacity
  • 31 US gal (117 L) hydraulic tank capacity
  • 30 US gal (113 L) fuel tank capacity
  • Temperature rating of -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
  • 175 ft. Pressure Supply & Return Hose
  • 175 ft. Hand Pump Hydraulic Line
  • All hoses are mounted on hydraulically driven reels
  • Appropriate swivels relative to required working pressure


  • Length - 106.9" (271.53 cm)
  • Width - 54.5" (138.43 cm)
  • Height - 71.4" (181.36 cm)