15K Electric Pressure Tester

NXL’s 15K Electric Pressure Tester is used for safe and efficient hydrostatic pressure testing of wellhead equipment in the shop or the field. It includes an electric motor, Triplex Fluid pump and an inline intensifier pump to provide test fluid at both high volumes at low pressure (1,000 psi) and low volumes at high pressure (15,000 psi). 

The Electric Pressure Tester has an integrated control panel with a laptop tray area to record pressure tests easily. An external bleed off valve is also included on all units. The unit has electrically driven hose reels for both high pressure supply and return. A Camlock connection is provided to connect the unit to remote testing fluid reservoirs.



  • 10 hp A/C Motor, 208/230 VAC Single Phase
  • 1,000 psi low pressure - high volume pump (10 gpm)
  • 15,000 psi high pressure - low volume intensifier pump (0.81 gpm)
  • 50 amp 208/230 power chord
  • Stainless steel engraved control panel
  • Motor On/Off controls, pressure regulator, control valve and necessary gauges
  • 2 Electric Hose Reels & Controls
  • 1/2” x 175 ft Supply Hose, 15,000 psi working pressure 
  • 1/2” x 175 ft Return Hose, 15,000 psi working pressure 
  • External Bleed Off Valve
  • Integrated laptop tray
  • 4 point Lift with Fork Lift Pockets
  • Camlock connection for remote fluid reservoir

Additional Options

  • Hand pump to operate Stuffing Box or Packoff
  • Electric hose reel with ¼” x 175’ hydraulic hose, 5,000 psi working pressure
  • Built in fluid reservoir tanks


  • Length - 52.5"
  • Width - 38"
  • Height - 64.5"
  • Weight - 1,500 lbs