Conventional Posi Lock

NXL’s Conventional Posi Lock utilizes innovative technology for the remote operation of your wellhead connection. This technology removes the operator from unsafe, high-pressure areas while increasing site efficiencies. The lock clamp in our Posi Lock is based on our proven and tested subsea design. Visual indicators on both the Conventional Posi Lock and Control Module ensure a positive lock.

The Conventional Posi Lock includes 1 stinger to connect to the PCE stack, 3 or 4 locks, and 1 control unit. They are also available in 10K and 15K working pressures.


  • Built-in BX152 Pump-In-Sub which decreases overall stack height and eliminates the need for a flow-tee
  • Built-in BX154 Pump-In-Sub for additional side port allowing for the ability to launch a ball
  • Built-in Quick Test Sub confirms pressure seal
  • Nightcap extractors on each lock
  • Red/green lit lock status indicator on dash and flag (vertical when closed) provide visual confirmation
  • Locking brake on hydraulic motor
  • Pressure transducer readout on dash
  • Lock valve controls will not function if wellbore pressure measurement is over 30 psi


  • Working pressure of 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi versions available
  • H2S (NACE MR0175)
  • 5.13" (13.03 cm) Otis, Bowen, or Elmar 10K/15K Stinger Connection (Other crossovers available upon request)
  • API 10K/15K BX169 flanged bottom connection (Other connections available upon request)
  • API 10K/15K BX152 x 2" 1502/2202 Side Connection 1
  • API 10K/15K BX154 x 3" 1502/2202 Side Connection 2
  • Temperature rating of -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)


  • 5.13" (13.03 cm) Internal Diameter 
  • 42.5" (15K) or 40.5" (10K) Height
  • 48.5" Width/Outside Diameter 
  • 51.4" Length
  • 3,075 lbs. (15K w/ nightcap extractor option) or 2,890 lbs. (10K w/ nightcap extractor option)