Wireline Skids

From custom-built E-Skid trucks to multi-piece wireline skids, NXL Technologies has Wireline Skid models that meet the needs of your oil & gas operation. With plenty of options and customizations, you have the ability to create wireline trucks and skids that suit your operations. Based on your existing schematics or your needs, NXL can configure or custom-build wireline skids. We design and manufacture transport skids for the safe and efficient transportation of pressure control equipment. 

For more information explore our wireline skid options. Contact our sales team today if you would like to request a quote.

Multi-Piece Wireline Skid

NXL’s Zone 2 certified combination Multi-Piece Wireline Skids are built with interchangeable draw works to service multiple wireline operations including open hole, cased hole, and slickline operations.

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Wireline Skids FAQs

What is a wireline skid?

Wireline skids are self-contained units which allow operators to safely and efficiently convey wireline equipment in and out of the well.

The operator’s cabin in our wireline skids includes features such as: 

  • 2 roof-mounted AC units
  • ATEX model Purge/Pressurization system
  • Ergonomic winch control panel
  • Customization based on your requests

Contact our team today if you want to learn more about NXL’s wireline skids for your oil & gas operation.

What can wireline skids do?

Our wireline skids can serve multiple wireline operations, including open hole, cased hole and slickline. NXL’s wireline skids also feature a modular design that allows for varied footprints when space is limited in offshore operations.

What wireline skids are available at NXL?

NXL Technologies is constantly innovating our equipment to provide you with the best solution for your wireline operation. We offer custom-built E-Skid trucks and multi-piece wireline skids.