Lightweight Wireline Valves

NXL knows that lighter weight Pressure Control Equipment (PCE) for wireline operations are necessary; so we’ve developed and designed a new package with significant weight savings and shorter make-up lengths. 

The all-new Lightweight Wireline Valves (WLV) from NXL are designed, engineered, and manufactured according to API specifications. We utilize NACE spec material with superior metallurgical properties resulting in greater strength with a substantial decrease in weight. In the past, your alternatives were either a non-API rated 12.5K package or heavier standard equipment – requiring larger cranes.

The new 10K & 15K Lightweight Wireline Control Valves are designed to meet the demands of your 10K & 15K equipment for wireline use. 

*Figure based on complete package from linewiper/packoff to wellhead connection with 55' of lubricator.