Tool Trap

NXL Technologies’ Tool Trap prevents loss of a tool string down-hole if the wireline is parted with the cable head. It is normally installed between the Lubricator and the Blowout Preventer in a pressure control stack. Manual and hydraulically actuated models are available. The hydraulic model lets you operate the tool trap from a remote location.


  • Maximum Working Pressure up to 15,000 psi
  • H2S (NACE MR0175) & Standard
  • Temperature Rating -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
  • Bore Sizes 3-1/16", 4-1/16", 5-1/8", 6-5/8" & 7-1/16”  ID's available
  • Specify union types when ordering


  • Seal Kit
  • Lubricator Wrench
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump & Hose
  • Test Plug