Ensuring your pressure control equipment joint connections are secure and safe is a top priority for NXL Technologies. We are constantly innovating and advancing our coiled tubing PCE line, including our Crossovers, based on feedback from customers like you. 

Our Crossovers can be used as a connector in coiled tubing applications, and NXL can configure these Crossovers to your equipment needs. In addition, NXL provides pressure control Crossovers in all sizes and pressure ranges to fit the needs of your oil & gas operation. 

More information on our coiled tubing Crossovers are available by downloading the free spec sheet, or you can contact the NXL team directly.

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  • High Temperature Seals (available on select Crossover models)


  • Thread Protectors (available with select Crossover models)
  • Lifting Caps
  • Test Unions

Crossover FAQs

What do Crossovers do?

Crossovers are equipment joint connectors. They are used to connect two different coiled tubing pressure control equipment with varying or similar end connections. The Crossover is optimized for the shortest possible overall length.

What accessories are available to support the NXL Crossovers?

NXL offers equipment accessories, including Lifting Caps and Test Unions, to optimize how our Crossovers work for your coiled tubing operation. NXL Technologies also has Thread Protectors available for select Crossover models.

If you have questions regarding our Crossover accessories, including which models can come with Thread Protectors, you can contact the team at NXL.

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Can the Crossovers be configured?

Yes. To benefit your coiled tubing operation, NXL can configure our Crossovers to meet your pressure control equipment needs.