E-Coil Surface Packoffs

Damage to your equipment can lead to paying for expensive replacement parts. It can also lead to leaks or explosions. To reduce the risk of equipment damage, NXL Technologies has designed and manufactured our E-Coil Surface Packoffs.

Specifications & Options:

  • Working pressure 10,000 psi
  • 2" 1502 Weco connection
  • Can accommodate all common sizes of Wireline or TEC
  • Suitable for sour service
  • Easy to install in the field

Wireline Packoff

  • Anchors and seals the reel end of the conventional E-Line used in E-Coil operations
  • PTFE sealing elements
  • Grease energized seals

TEC Packoff

  • Anchors and seals the reel end of tubing encapsulated cable used in E-Coil operations
  • Can be removed without damaging the armor of the tubing encapsulated cable
  • Double redundant seals with integral grease cavity for pressure testing
  • 15K version available