Posi Locks

The Posi Lock series of NXL products are remote well connection devices that increase site safety by removing the operator away from high-pressure operations while simultaneously increasing site efficiencies. The locking mechanism is based on a tried and tested design similar to connecting risers used in offshore and subsea operations. NXL’s Posi Lock Systems are available in various styles for wireline, coiled tubing, and offshore uses. In addition, the Posi Lock is prepared to improve your day-to-day operations by being simple to use and easy to maintain.

Conventional Posi Lock

NXL’s Conventional Posi Lock is designed for remote operations of your wellhead connection. As well, the lock clamp is based on our subsea design.

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Coil Posi Lock

Our Inverted Coil Posi Lock’s lock is inverted and connected via a flange at the bottom of the BOP and the flanged stinger is on top of the wellhead.

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Inverted Posi Lock

The Inverted Posi Lock from NXL offers a unique design with an inverted lock that is connected to the bottom of your Blowout Preventer or Wireline Valve.

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Posi Lock FAQs

What is a Posi Lock?

Posi Locks are remote well connection devices. They allow users to make or break union connections from a distance, keeping your staff out of high-pressure zones around the wellhead in wireline and coiled tubing applications.

How do NXL's Posi Locks work?

NXL’s Posi Lock Systems are manufactured with different functionalities and designs. Our remote well connection devices are available in various styles for wireline, coiled tubing, and offshore uses.

For example, our Conventional Posi Locks use a large entry guide to place the connection stinger directly into the body of the NXL Posi Lock, where it is locked into place by a hydraulically driven clamp. A hydraulic brake on the motor ensures that the clamping mechanism cannot back off during operation, maintaining a positive seal at all times. A visual indicator in the form of a flag rises to the vertical position once the clamp is fully closed to provide confirmation. A nightcap extractor is also provided to remove the nightcap remotely and place it in a docking station on the Posi-Lock System when the unit is being used. The nightcap extractor also does the reverse once the job is complete.  

If you would like more information on how our Posi Locks work, contact NXL today.

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What Posi Lock options does NXL offer?

NXL offers different variations of this remote well connection device to meet the needs of your oil & gas operation. NXL manufactures:

  • Conventional Posi Locks
  • Coil Posi Locks
  • Inverted Posi Locks

What applications can NXL's Posi Locks be used in?

NXL’s Posi Lock systems can be utilized to benefit wireline, coiled tubing, subsea and offshore oil & gas operations.