Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

NXL Technologies is committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing industry-leading Wireline Pressure Control Equipment utilizing cutting-edge technology and feedback from customers like you. We pay close attention to your equipment needs and strive to utilize our in-house engineering team and design & manufacturing capabilities to create cutting-edge pressure control equipment.

You can count on advanced PCE solutions that are easy to use as we adhere to the strictest production and safety standards.

NXL has also developed a wide range of Wireline Pressure Control Equipment to meet the needs of your oil & gas operation. Find out more about our WPCE options.

Chemical Injection Sub

Our Chemical Injection Sub allows you to inject fluids such as de-icing agents or corrosion inhibitors into the well and purge of air pressure from a pressure control stack.

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Control Max Coated Line Head

Implementing the technology of the Control Max Coated Line Head into your coated-line operations provides efficient redressing of packer elements and brass, beyond any other control heads available today.

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Grease Control Head

To keep your operation safe, the NXL Grease Control Head maintains a grease seal around static or dynamic wireline to prevent potentially harmful wellbore fluids and gasses from escaping.

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Lightweight Wireline Valves

The all-new Lightweight Wireline Valves (WLV) from NXL are designed, engineered, and manufactured to significantly reduce the weight of our Wireline Valves and produce shorter make-up lengths.

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Lightweight Lubricator

With NXL's Lightweight Lubricator the weight is reduced by up to 57%. Find out more about our Lightweight Lubricator and how it can make rigging-in and rigging-out easier.

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Linewiper / Packoff

The combination of the Linewiper & Packoff help to both provide well control of wellbore fluids and gasses and strip wellbore fluids from a wireline. Find out more about NXL's Linewiper/Packoffs here.

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NXL Technologies’ Pump-In-Sub/Flow-Tee allows for bleeding off well fluids and gasses, and also assists in the introduction of fluids to a well for well control purposes. Find out more about our Pump-In-Sub here.

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Quick Test Sub

Modifications to a multiple run tool string, completed with the NXL Quick Test Sub, are quicker than standard changes because the entire pressure control stack does not need to be re-tested. Find out how you can optimize your operation's process.

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Tool Trap

Prevent the loss of tool strings down-hole with NXL's Tool Traps. NXL Technologies offers Tool Traps with manual and hydraulically actuated models available. You can find out more about this Wireline Pressure Control Equipment here.

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Vent Max Big Bore Vent Sub

Allow for more venting rate with the help of NXL's Vent Max Big Bore Vent Sub. Find out more about our wireline equipment.

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Wireline Pressure Control Equipment FAQs

How does wireline pressure control equipment work?

Overall, wireline equipment helps maintain pressure levels inside the wellbore during well workovers and intervention processes. However, different wireline pressure control equipment have different functions. For example, when looking at chemical injection subs which allow you to inject fluids into the well and our Lighweight Wireline Valves (WLV) that reduce the weight of our Wireline Valves, you can see that wireline pressure control equipment all have different functions and benefits for your oil & gas operation.

Why use wireline in your oil & gas operation?

There are many benefits to utilizing wireline equipment in your oil & gas industry operation, including increased run in hole and out of hole speeds, and less equipment is required.

What wireline pressure control equipment does NXL offer?

NXL Technologies manufactures and offers a complete range of wireline pressure control equipment, including quick test subs, tool traps, packoffs, Lightweight Wireline Valves and more.

Explore NXL’s complete line of wireline pressure control equipment on our website.