Internal Hydraulic Lightweight BOP

The NXL Internal Hydraulic Lightweight Blowout Preventer is safe, reliable, and available with the same options as our standard BOPs.


  • Body design is 20% lighter than our standard BOP
  • Integrated lifting/tie down hooks

BOP RAM Configurations

  • Pipe
  • Shear/Blind
  • Slip
  • Shear/Blind Boosted
  • Pipe/Slip
  • Shear/Boosted
  • Shear
  • Shear Pressure Balanced
  • Blind
  • Shear/Blind Pressure Balanced


  • Tandem Piston Actuators
  • Pressure Balanced Actuators
  • Combi Rams
  • Additional Shear Actuators for Combi Rams
  • High Temperature Seals